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We’re off to a great start

We’re off to a great start

mobility2_logo.jpgI’ve started this site less than a week ago and we just reached 1,000 unique visitors last night. Thanks to everyone for stopping by! As I’ve been cruising the blogs, news releases and forums, deciding what I found interesting and what I wanted to talk about, I’ve been deciding on what I would focus on here.

This site’s main focus is going to be news and information about the world of mobility, more specifically the trends that wireless technology brings to the world, new cool projects and software, as well as new smartphones, mainly in the world of Symbian, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. I’d love to hear any feedback or comments about the site, I left the comment system freely open and hopefully you’ll decide to visit Mobility Now often!



Ever since early sci-fi shows like Star Trek showed futuristic hand held devices used for everything from scanning their environment, providing instant information, long distance communication, showing pictures, videos and much more, I knew this is how the future would be. Today I believe the age of true mobility has arrived.

The original idea for this site was to be a news portal about high end mobile phones. Unfortunately a lack of time and resources prevents me from keeping it up to date properly, and there’s already a large amount of sites covering the news. Instead, here you’ll find original content about the mobile world.

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