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First iPhone web application public

First iPhone web application public

onetrip.jpgThe first iPhone third party web application has apparently been made. It’s called OneTrip and is a shopping cart application. The most interesting thing however, is that it works in Safari (both the Mac and Windows version), but it also works on the S60 browser, although the display can sometimes have glitches depending on the device. However it does not work in Firefox or other non-Safari based browsers.

OneTrip allows you to select items from a list of typical grocery products, or to type in your own items. Then you can return to that list and see what you need to buy, and even mark the items as already bought.

So this may actually be a good thing for Nokia and other smartphone manufacturers, since we all know a bunch of iPhone web apps will pop up in the coming months, and if they all work on the S60 browser, that means they are really web apps for a variety of devices. Of course, the issues with web apps remain, such as the fact that all personal data has to be stored on the remote server, data usage costs and the fact that they all become moot when the connection drops.