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Make your own Google Phone

Make your own Google Phone

Every few months that same old rumor comes back up, that Google is about to announce a “Google Phone”. The last lg google phone 2007in this long series was just yesterday, when the latest LG phone was announced to be bundled with Google applications. With a name so high profile as Google, this is surely not the last time we see that famous phone name in the media.

What many news sources don’t get, is that Google is a software company. They don’t do hardware, and there is no reason for Google to start making a phone. Not only would the cost of going into the phone market be huge, but it would actually restrict their user base. By making Java clients and mobile portals for their services, they ensure that anyone with a cellphone can use Google. That’s always been the way they’ve done things, and there’s no reason to think it will change. There will be no true Google Phone on store selves anytime soon, but you could make your own.

Google is probably the company that’s the most present in the mobile space, which is interesting since they don’t actually produce any mobile hardware. But with their many services, almost all of which now available on the go, any manufacturer, carrier or even mobile user can create a Google Phone. The only requirement for this experiment is to have a handset with Java support where you can access the Internet (unlimited data plan helps) and install third party software. Almost any unlocked phone works.

  1. The first application to get is Google Maps for Mobile. From that you can browse maps, get directions, do local searches and get traffic reports.
  2. Then get the Google Mail mobile app from your browser to download the Java client to access your email directly from Google’s servers.
  3. Now it’s time to connect to the web. If your device has a decent browser, that’s plenty good, or if you want the full web experience download the latest Opera Mini.
  4. Change your homepage to so all the Google services appear right away, then you can access the news, your calendar and do searches from there.
  5. Lastly, install one of the many Google themes out there such as this one, and put all the applets we installed on the main menu of your phone.

An optional step would be to print out a Google stamp and put it on the front of the phone, for complete and total integration with the online service, and there you go, your very own Google Phone. Next time, we’ll make an iPhone!