Make your own Google Phone

Make your own Google Phone Every few months that same old rumor comes back up, that Google is about to announce a “Google Phone”. The last in this long series was just yesterday, when the latest LG phone was announced to be bundled with Google applications....
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The $5B cash cow

The $5B cash cow MocoNews reports that the US cellular providers reached over $5 billion in revenues purely from the services sector in Q1 2007. This includes application downloads, ring tones, and other data uses. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the cash cow of the...
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We’re off to a great start

We’re off to a great start I’ve started this site less than a week ago and we just reached 1,000 unique visitors last night. Thanks to everyone for stopping by! As I’ve been cruising the blogs, news releases and forums, deciding what I found interesting and...
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