What’s next?

What’s next? The speed of innovations in the smartphone market is almost exponential. Just five years ago smartphones were almost nonexistent, and most people didn’t even have a cellphone. In the past few years we’ve made huge progress. Last year we went from the mobile web...
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After the iDay

After the iDay Well the iDay came and went, now that we’re 2 weeks after the launch of the most over-hyped, over-mediatized phone ever, how did it fare? Well it did sell a lot, more than 500,000 just in the first weekend. Reviews came in from...
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Google about to revolutionize computing

Google about to revolutionize computing Last year Google introduced a web based word processor. Then, they added a spreadsheet and called the package Google Docs. Today, they announced that they bought a presentation service to add presentations to Google Docs. The biggest issue with this, and...
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Mobile IM choices

Mobile IM choices There are a few questions that come up time and time again on smartphone forums, and one of them is “how can I use Instant Messaging on my device”. As people get more mobile, after SMS and email, the next thing they want...
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Google Maps for Mobile indepth review

Google Maps for Mobile in-depth review Google Maps is one of the most popular mapping web sites online. Google introduced it a few years ago and has added an impressive amount of features to it. Late last year, they released a Java client called Google...
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Nokia E61i review

Nokia E61i review I try to limit my new mobile purchases to one device a year. I follow new releases very closely, and try to spot that gem which will do everything I need it to do well. The Nokia E61i, released last month, caught my...
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